From the artist: “I wrote this shell of this song almost five years ago and there it sat until about six months ago. The lyrics were so personal and cryptic it just wasn’t relatable. After a lot of rewrit,es it emerged with it’s original “soul” but in a more relatable way. Stars is about abandonment and loneliness, but also about overcoming and believing in yourself.”

Fusing modern and classic rock, CJ Teffner premieres his debut single “Stars”His upcoming EP’s title track features vocalist Robyn Cage and encapsulates the process of personal growth.

Highlighting Teffner’s songwriting abilities, the track is extremely dynamic – alluding to arena sized ballads, while showcasing personal themes of hope.

“The song ‘Stars’ doesn’t have the word ‘stars’ in the chorus, it’s in a line in the last verse ‘like stars up above, there was never a doubt,’” says Teffner. “It sums up my feelings about these songs and their intentions.”

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