WITH his album out later in the summer…

I have been speaking with CJ Teffner about Stars and what we can expect. He talks about standout moments from the album and what it was like working with Robyn Cage (who sings on the album).

Teffner tells me about his early musical experience and taking to performance whilst at school; what he hopes to achieve before the end of the year; what Phoenix (Arizona) is like for music and venues; which artists we should be investigating right now – Teffner ends the interview with a rather good song suggestion.


Hi, CJ. How are you? How has your week been?

I’m great! I’ve been busy; always busy with music.

For those new to your music; can you introduce yourself, please?

Hey, everyone! I spent a long time working as a hired-gun in the studio and on the road, playing and learning many different styles – which I feel has helped me become ‘me’, if that makes sense.

Talk to me about the album, Stars. What, in your mind, defines the record in terms of themes and sounds?

Stars is a bit dark and dreamy, mostly acoustic guitar-based with piano and cello, with the exception of the song Stars itself, which ends up as a full band song by the end. There’s a lot of emotion in the songs, they’re pretty personal, wrestling with my inner-demons and making friends with them.

They’re much better as friends…

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